downhill disco

Every year in San Diego, ca, a competition goes on called the downhill disco. The thing is its not really a competition, and theirs no disco balls. It’s comprised of a group of skaters not trying all to hard and lurking around trying not to be serious.

staying hydrated in the san diego sun
staying hydrated in the san diego sun

The event isn’t really too downhill either, but to make up for that some big ramps and rails are put on the run quickly making it interesting. The event is a great place to come to see your out of town friends and just enjoy your runs with no intimidation of qualifying or podiums.wp-1455728484322.jpg

Noah and I had a competition to see who took the most photos of each other, I think i won. Friends like Noah are the reason events like this are so special. Noah and I are teammates and friends who enjoy skating with each other as much as possible, but since he lives in LA its events like these  where we can skate together.


Louis Pilloni, a San Diego local, transition into the hip. Even though I keep talk about this event not being a competition, they try to believe it is. Holding a skater-cross race and big air contest makes the event semi real, with a prize purse for the winner.  Even though the event is not too serious, it attracts quite a bit of attention from the media.

caught lurkin
caught lurkin

After the long weekend with old and new friends pushing my limits on little ramps that are mote fun than they are worth, The six hour drive back to sd was one of the worst to date. In between here and san diego theirs two hundred miles of ugly brown military training and LA, making the drive neither scenic, nor easy. So after the usual heap of LA traffic that appears for absolutely no reason, we got past the grade into the valley, and eventually home. Despite the lack of seriousness or challenge, the downhill disco is a great event full of smiles and people not having to take things seriously, If you;re in san diego this may, its a must.





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