road trip rip


For the last hour and for the next four ill most likely be sitting in traffic in the most annoying congested place i know, LA. Road tripping is a pretty constant phenomenom for me constantly driving or flying to anywhere with roads and pavement, but its uncommon for me to not be sitting in the drivers seat. This is most likely the only time i wont be out of service or pushong my limits in front of a camera before this is due, so creative quality is lacking with my brain being well stimulated by slow moving cars.


we did however get to stop at an iconic malibu run during this trip south. The break was a great way to tire ourselves out before sitting in the car. Our final destination is a camp site somewhere in the depths of the san diego backcountry. I came packed with dehydrated food, self roasted coffee, and a ton if wheels, excited to disconnect from technology and get rowdy on the hills with my fellow team members. San Diego has always had a lower priority for me to go and skate compared to up north, almost entirely because you need to drive through la and cities to get there. Wayz has been constantly redirecting us trying to find a way out of miles of traffic, its been fairly unsuccessful so far.


weve been on the road for three hours and only have three more to go. Traffic free our destination is less than 4 hours away. Being the first time in a while not driving on the trip, its a lot harder to forget where you are and what your doing, transitioning into autopilot.


Author: lurkfiles

pull up on yo block with the droptop, got my haters lookin salty cus im everything they not got them pretty bitches on me, you still fuckin with them thots.

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