Downhill and Driving pt. 1

If you spend any serious time around the downhill skateboarding community it becomes very clear that a fairly large amount of skateboarders feel a great connection with their cars and driving. Some of the people use their cars for follow car filming, staying withing feet of skaters at a high speed to get the optimal video qualities. Others take their cars to tracks, while many just find a quiet mountain road to unwind and clear their head.

ripping through canyons
ripping through canyons

For me driving takes from the same purity that downhilling does. Its about precision and perfection always seeking a better line and more exit speed. However driving lacks some purity by adding internal combustion and extra speed being available withing seconds. This being said the extra speed does add more excitement and requiring more awareness. I drive a 2005 Mazda rx8, It is a light way rotary engine car with immense grip and a simplistic 6 speed manual transmission that demands a high level of driver focus and keeps me connected and in tune with my car.

2 in 1 fun
2 in 1 fun

I had a chance to talk to josh rolf from Gullwing trucks who is known for his love of both skating and driving. “I think I love downhill skateboarding and driving performance cars for the challenge and, of course, the thrill. There is something really special about coming into a corner with what seems to be too much speed, getting a hold of the situation, nailing the apex, and accelerating out, floating to the very edge of the road as you carry speed away. It’s as if you have bent the rules of physics for just a moment. And the challenge is refining your technique until you feel comfortable doing that at every turn.” Josh also talks about the ability to further push your limits on closed courses, where there is no outside factors that you need to worry about like when skating or driving an open road. He also says that his continued interest in both is in sharing a similar mindset with people around you and that there is always room for improvement in the sport no matter how good you are. Josh drives a 2016 subaru Brz and a 1991 na turbocharged miata.

josh rolf's (@munkaetrucks) photo of his cars
josh rolf’s (@munkaetrucks) photo of his cars



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