downhill disco take two

Like every other weekend for me, I packed my bags and skateboards and went on another skate trip. This week was to the downhill disco in san diego california. I left on thursday morning for a stop at ucla’s pediatric surgery center to look at my hurt shoulder and if surgery was necessary. The situation wasnt great but I do not need surgery with heightened my mood a little before driving through LA in the late afternoon. As expected LA traffic was hell as I went in and out of first gear, paining my left leg and feeling alologetic for my clutch. I got into san diego around dusk and went straight to the skatepark with my local guide Jasper Ohlson.

bless up

We woke up early friday and got on the daily grind quick, no plans but skateboarding. We cruised to the skatepark and then to a local closed road leading straight to the beach. I reconnected with a ton of homies from all around who came to shred a little before the disco. The session was primo but ended with cops yelling and threatening us with citations and fines, of us “trespassing on private property” ignoring the many bikers and pedestrians simply because they are stigma free.
The disco started with confusion and organizers not being ready for hyphy groms the skate, the only way an event should start. I caught a few runs before I was found and forced to register and pay the miniscule 15$ entry fee while most events cost 200$.

The downhill disco has became popular for taking place on a straight, slow, boring road, and shoving heinous, big and fast ramps and rails along the course. The downhill disco is essentially a skatepark with a grade or the closest thing with have to skatercross in the US.

disco champ cole trotta took juniors and open

The disco went off pretty smoothly this year, no one got too injured and it seemed as if everyone had a great deal of fun