Cruisin up to santa cruz

After getting out of school on a Thursday evening, I packed my car and headed north. I had 260 miles to drive through probably the most picturesc greenery thanks to the el nino rains. With a broken sterro and night falling quickly, It was a very uneventful boring drive. After 2 and a half hours of very safe and very slow driving, i stopped in king city to fill up with gas.

Premium Gas was only $2.50 a gallon, which put me in a good mood

After filling my tank and checking my oil, I trekked the rest of the 100 some odd miles to Santa Cruz. Traveling to skate often i had wisened up and strarted traveling everywhere with a sleeping bag, which was fortunate for me, cause I had the floor.

With Jimbo on the couch, I had the floor

After waking up early and drinking a heinous amount of coffee, we made our way to the caliber truck warehouse to get equipment for the days filming mission. After hitting the warehouse we made our way over the hwy 17 grade to palo alto.

the drive in and out of massive redwoods wasn’t too boring keeping me occupied.

After making it to a very well known and busty downhill run, filmer Tom Flinchbaugh set up his equiptment placing me in the spotlight. After an hour of filming and photos on a foreign board and road we packed up the cameras and met up with our friend Michal Cihlar for some more relaxing skateboarding.IMG_9877

This became a day to day process working hard to get shots for magazines and media for websites. The filming process is always very stressful and frustrating but filming with a follow car driver as skilled as Tom eases a lot of my stress. Even though the stress of filming was lulled, the complication of runs and parks got the best of me, leaving me with a dislocated shoulder at the Oakland city park. With Toms memory cards full of clips and my backpack full of homework, I said goodbye to my friends for now and headed back to  Santa Barbara Monday morning.


Author: lurkfiles

pull up on yo block with the droptop, got my haters lookin salty cus im everything they not got them pretty bitches on me, you still fuckin with them thots.

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